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What ordering take-out and seeking behavioral health services have in common

It’s all about up-to-date information

Ever tried googling contact information for a business? Sometimes it’s great. All the information you need is right there. Other times? Perhaps it’s gone like this…

You feel like ordering take-out tonight. That little Italian place you haven’t been to in a while, what was it called?

You find the restaurant’s listing online. When you look for their hours or try to dial the number, you come up dry. 

You try searching again. You dial another number you find online. No answer. You really wanted pasta primavera but decide it really isn’t worth the trouble.

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Like you, members want to live their best lives. When your practice information is not accurate, it can cause members undue stress and frustration, not unlike that you experience when you can’t get ahold of a restaurant for take-out. Except members looking for your services are struggling with a behavioral health or substance use issue, not just looking to satisfy a craving.

Update your provider profile, specialties and availability today

  1. Go to and sign in securely.
  2. Under My Practice in the left-hand menu, click Display/Edit Practice Information. The first tab is the Provider Data Change Form.
  3. Select your individual or group’s TIN/MIS combination and click Go.
  4. Verify all information and update as needed. This includes your street address, phone number, office hours, specialties and ability to accept new patients.
  5. If you are an administrator for a GROUP practice, be sure to validate information for all practitioners on the group roster.
    • Click Roster Maintenance.
    • Select each practitioner’s name in the left column.
    • Review all sections for accuracy.
    • Edit or add information as needed.

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