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Dr. Gary Henschen, Magellan SVP, retires

Gary M. Henschen, MD, senior vice president — medical management for Magellan Healthcare, retired in July 2018. Over a lengthy career with Magellan, he has provided clinical expertise in new product development and quality improvement programs, and overseen medical management for Magellan’s behavioral health programs.

Henschen reflected on his relationships with network providers over the years:  

"Listening to providers to get their points of view about treatment and about how we manage care in the communities we serve is -- and will continue to be -- vitally important."

Prior to joining Magellan in 1982, Henschen was chief medical officer of Charter Behavioral Health Systems and held a private practice of psychiatry and psychoanalysis for 15 years in Greensboro, North Carolina. Henschen completed his residency and chief residency in psychiatry at Duke Medical Center. He has pursued an expansive range of research interests in behavioral healthcare.


Dr. Henschen's parting advice to fellow practitioners of psychiatry: 

Always maintain a sense of adventure in what you are doing. See each new patient as a new learning experience, and learn from your patients—often they can teach you more than you learn from reading or in training.

Look for new opportunities to learn about new treatments and approaches, but be thorough in evaluating evidence of the efficacy of particular medications or therapies. 

Collaborate with other healthcare professionals whether they are PCPs or other behavioral health clinicians. By providing evaluations, ongoing therapy and/or medication management, you can assist PCPs in expanding their reach to more patients who may not receive care otherwise.

Build bridges with advocacy groups such as NAMI and Mental Health America, to name a couple. Attend their local and national meetings to learn more about serious mental illness, and to learn more about the expectations, needs and experiences of consumers.

Incorporate peer specialists into your practice. Peers often make the difference in helping a patient overcome their fears and misunderstandings about care, and can facilitate recovery.

Leverage new technologies. Whether it is telepsychiatry or online cognitive based therapy, learn to use new technologies in your practice to spread your expertise to those who need care.


Auf Wiedersehen, Dr. Henschen!

Please join us in thanking Dr. Henschen for his 36 years of dedication to Magellan. We wish him well and know he will enjoy spending more time with his family and numerous hobbies and interests, including perfecting his German.

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